About Us

We are a Maja and Primož. We live with our two children in the medieval town of Radovljica, which is located about 40 km away from the Holiday House Pr' Matažič. We would love to introduce ourselves by sharing with you a little bit more about us.

Maja is a pharmacist with an extensive knowledge in various alternative healing methods and preventive health care. Maja fell in love at first sight with the Holiday House Pr' Matažič and its property a few years ago. She did not realise at that time that this house was calling her to offer her a place where she would heal her soul. Maja has lost her partner in a car accident a few years earlier. She was left alone with her severely injured baby daughter who was also in that car accident, which led Maja to explore the world beyond the so called official healing modalities. However, the need to survive and care for her injured daughter made her stay in her unfulfilling job, which over the years led to Maja’s burnout. At that time this beautiful house Pr’ Matazic came her way and Maja quickly felt that this was the place where she could really calm down, rest, reconnect with herself and with nature. And this in the end became a start of a whole new life journey for Maja.

Primož is a great sportsman and a wonderful father. A former swimmer, who has successfully competed in multiple Yugoslavian champions, he immediately took a great care of the swimming pool, of course. And not only that. His help and expertise is essential at all the chores around the house and around the whole property. For Primoz, this is his relaxation and recreation.

We all absolutely adore all kind of animals. We even own a horse which is living in a stable near our home. Maja and her daughter love horse riding, while Primoz and his son love cycling. We all love nature, travelling, meeting new people and experiencing different cultures.

We care for The Holiday House Pr’ Matažič with love and respect. We deeply honour our nature and our history. In the house, which was built in 1881, we have carefully preserved a black kitchen and many old objects that remind us of the time when people were much more connected with the community and their land. In the courtyard of the house there is an old linden tree, which provides a pleasant shade during hot summer days and a shelter for numerous animals. This is why we give it a big hug every day and thank it for guarding our house for so many years.

We are grateful to be able to share our little piece of Paradise with you, so that you too can retreat from the stresses of everyday life and reconnect again while creating unforgettable memories at our Holiday House Pr Matazic. We rejoice with each and every one of our guests who return home happy and fulfilled from holidaying at our house.

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